Hi there... I'm sure visiting this page you thought that perhaps you would come across information regarding my background and education, or maybe the extensive list of equipment I use, or perhaps a bit of name dropping of high profile clients. While I could touch on each of those things, I'm not going to. Because what would that say to you about me? What would that say about my love, my passion - my sheer addiction for what it is I do. I spend years with my cameras in hand, documenting anything and everything and covering my bedroom walls with photographs.
Today? The addiction is still there. Not only for photographs but video as well; and I do this with a wonderful creative team I call family.  Dee Wong, Pedro Carvalho, Fred Senra, Keila Laube, Thais Pereira and Adrian Ledesma. What We do is about so much more than just taking a picture. We are A Full Service Photo/Video Studio Serving Clients Nationwide and with our one of a kind fun, modern yet sophisticated imagery we are here to give you an amazing experience.

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some of the crew above: Priscilla, Pedro and Dee

some of the crew above: Priscilla, Pedro and Dee


Now with my own family, I have come to realize just how fleeting these times really are. My only way of grasping on to what is happening in front of me is through my passion; photography.

Priscilla de Lima Ledesma - Director