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Why STUDIO PRI when there are so many professionals  to choose from?

We tell stories with our portraits. There is a story to everything right?  The in-between moments can be the best moments to tell that story for you to cherish for a lifetime and that is what me and my team does. Tell stories through photography and video That is Authentic and Fresh.


Images tell a story and they are there for me and my creative team to find. It is about me listening, watching, learning and being at the ready for the picture to appeaR. When there is this intimacy, we can get to the heart of the images and that is when the storytelling really happens. 


This is about you, not us and definitely not about what society expects from you. It is your celebration! I don’t do this because I like taking pictures-it’s my passion. I don’t do this because I have a nice camera-I do this because Everyone needs a voice and  to express themselves is what I want to do; there is nothing else I desire to do. Period. And I would love to share this passion with others.

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Our Images are not posed they are a lifestyle captured in a natural way. We want to be your photographers for life and we want you to love the truth we convey with has a lot to do with love and experience too.Years of experience, Passion, Drive and ongoing education  separate us from weekend warriors and the full time worker with the nice camera who likes to take pictures. Tenacity, enjoying what we do and a love of photography keep us striving to always Photographs and videography from Boudoir to Portraits to Intimate Nuptials to even branding that Is Authentic and Fresh.

There is a bit of our soul in every photograph or video clip we take. That is why you should choose Us.

" My Dream is to Empower you Through My Work because You Are Important; You Are Loved."

-Priscilla Lima Ledesma founder of STUDIO PRI

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Priscilla de Lima Ledesma: Director

"Our work is Crafted by Real Interactions and Beautiful Tangible Moments. "


—  About

STUDIO PRI was founded in 2009 by Priscilla Lima Ledesma; a very Fun & energetic Fine Art photographer who Decided at the time to leave corporate life and teach and Breath Art on a Full Time basis. She is from the sun-kissed city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but grew Up in Takoma Park, Maryland as well as lived in New York city.  currently She resides in Silver Spring, Maryland with her Husband Adrian and their kids Rocco and Enzo. She comes from a music and visual arts background and works with a huge passion to create work that is both compelling Yet natural and always Strive to develop recognized photography as well as relationships with her clients that is authentic + fresh.



Get in Touch :

1800-986-0560    info@studiopri.com

Monday to Friday 9am-7pm

 For commercial, reportage, editorial assignments only,please contact founder chief photographer, Priscilla directly at 240-899-8121 or email priscilla@studiopri.com

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