Fashion Editorial Photography: She Wears it Well

Words by Bruna Ladeira

You could put just about anything on our tall, slim, Shop Cool Pix model Ashley G. and it will look gorgeous. That noted, can we talk about how luxurious these outfits are?

The fabric was so soft and the colors so rich…it almost makes you wish for fall and winter! Well, maybe not quite winter. We’re definitely excited about spring and summer and one of the things we like about this shoot is that many of the items transition into the coming seasons. The rounded sunglasses are huge now. Denim, of course, tops any season’s style list of must haves. And we can’t forget the high top bun, which can instantly polish a look. 



Coming back to the topic at hand, We had a blast hanging out with Ashley during this shoot. She’s such a natural beauty and its clear the camera loved her! So to Ashley: Stay fun and fabulous, Gorgeous, Muito Obrigada! More Thank yous: Shop Cool Pix for wardrobe and Set assistant Allison G.