Couples Mindfully in LOVE!

Here are some of the people that made me truly love capturing small weddings. I’m talking about no less then 30 guests kind of weddings. There is something special about small nuptials that flies me to the moon and back. The couples are all So stress free, laid back, and truly living in the moment.

Special thanks to Dee who was there documenting these beautiful moments with me and for sticking by my side through all my shenanigans for the past 4 years now. Thank you my friend!

Laura and Michael

Nick and Samantha

Harlan and Mary

An Intimate Wedding: Katherine + Clayton


These gorgeous Navy soldiers got out of their uniforms and had a Romantic nuptial whimsical garden in old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It was just the two of them and the officiant performing the ceremony. And let me just tell you how dreamy it all was! My associate photographer Dee and I couldn't help but love every aspect of it all. No guests, no stress, just hugs and kisses under the sun! HOOAH!! Love Wins!


Lan + Sarisa Engagement & Wedding

Sarisa and Lan are a bright, effusive, happy couple who know how lucky they are to have found one another. The smiles on their faces during both their engagement session in Silver Spring, MD where they met while in High School to their whimsical fun wedding in Savage Mill, MD on that 90 degree April day brought everyone’s already-high spirits to another level, and everything just felt sublime.  It was magical. Check out the photos from their engagement and wedding below.

Janice + Bradley

US Capitol, Washington D.C.

Janice and Bradley, I like you guys because you are real, and you feel things exactly as they are. In a time of over-the-top hyperbole, it is refreshing to meet people who are actually understated, who expect not to be impressed or affected. Because those rare times when you ARE affected, you feel it to your core, so much so that it rises to your surface, and the rest of us get a glimpse into who you are, and what moves you. It is a beautiful thing to behold. Thank you my happy newlyweds for trusting us to document with photos your fun wedding day!

Double The Fun : The Starks Wedding

Terrance And Kamilah multi-cultural weddings was an extravaganza of love and happiness that lasted two days and we were so excited and grateful to be the ones to record this bride and groom events early fall of last year. Kamilah was looking like a  queen in her own right and Terrance never stopped glowing, smiling all the time! They both were having such a good time making every one near them feel the love. Cheers to real love!!! Check out their Wedding Video (( HERE ))

starks wedding (143 of 429).jpg

Ashley + Blake Wedding

Ronald Reagan Building, Washington D.C.

Ashley and Luke live in Pennsylvania and originally wanted to elope. But then they thought of their family, and how they didn’t want to miss out on such an important event. 


The easy compromise was the beautiful District of Columbia War Memorial, where they could get married in a stunning location but still keep it intimate. And most importantly, their families could join in the celebration.

After the ceremony, and a few portraits around the memorial, they partied at the Reagan building with a Disney Whimsical theme reception. Check  out some photos of the wedding below.

Ana & Wes: A Wedding Story

I'm so freaking ecstatic that I got to photograph my friends engagement and wedding day. Ana  and Wes are the goofiest and kindest bunch of love birds and I'm so blessed to call them my friends. Ana's been there for me since the beginning of my career, actually since the first time I fell in love with photography which was during high school when attending the Art and Humanities Magnet School, James Hubert Blake HS. I felt the love during these moments documented below and I hope you may feel it too. Congratulations to Ana and Wes and their happy ever after ending. 

Carson + Doug: A Wedding Story

Carson and Doug decided that even though they have a life in Pennsylvania doing doctor duties they wanted to go back to where they came from, where their roots were. So to Maryland they came to vow their love and lives to each other. It was a nostalgic and sophisticated wedding from ceremony being held at Carson's high school to reception party at the family's farm. This event made us definitely swoon with all it's country side glory. It was a night full of tears of joy, fireworks (literally) and guests dancing the night away with with the help of a cover band from Richmond, VA. Very ecstatic they chose Studio Pri to cover their wedding. Blessed to be part of the magic. Want to see what I'm referring to? Keep on scrolling down and you'll find awesome imagery by the crew (Pedro, Dee and Priscilla) 

Jenny and Jeffrey: A Wedding Story

Jenny, and Jeffrey were the kindest and generous group of clients that we had the pleasure of working with early this year. And don't they look gorgeous!! Our squad was there to make everyone look their best; from Pedro Carvalho on Video, Dee Wong as second shooter, Priscilla Ledesma as director and shooter and Thais Pereira doing makeup and hair and  making the bride feel like a true star. It was perfectly natural and very well put together with smiles all around that you couldn't help but be contagiously in love with the whole endearing extravaganza. What buenissimo time we had capturing a mixture of Mexican, American and Puerto-Rican culture  and joining in this celebration of love.  We couldn't we ask for more.

Check this beautiful intimate wedding below 

Salud Jenny and Jeffrey... Here's to many years of love and happiness

The Wedding Experience in Baltimore, 2015

Throw back to the amazing Baltimore Wedding Experience expo last weekend. Thank you so much for stoping by and if you signed up for our contest don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook! The Winners will receive an email by tomorrow! Good Luck! 

Unique Wedding Photography Experience!

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Kathleen and Brian: A Wedding Story

Kathleen and Brian tied the knot at the most beautiful bed and breakfast in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, surrounded by fields of Corn and a great view to the river. A very intimate wedding but nonetheless so Breathtaking we couldn't stop shooting even when are time was up. We were swooned by not only the cozy venue but their undeniably sweet affection towards each other and their guests and here are some photos to prove it. 

Thank you lovebirds for letting us capture this gorgeous wedding of yours. 

Tizol: A Wedding Story (photos+video)

Antonio and Rebecca Tizol's Wedding was truly a darling of a good time with family and friends from all over the nation in Turf Valley, Ellicott City, MD . The lighting and schedule set was a photographer's dream come true. We were extremely excited about their love story and to have been a part of their super special day is more then words can express (chief photographer knows the bride for 15 years) so that being said please view and enjoy the extremely breathtaking wedding through our photos and video below that was photographed and filmed with much love.

Becky and Tony Cheers to you both! We Love Y'ALL!!

A Celebration To Be Remembered

 You Give Marriage A Good Look

You Give Marriage A Good Look

A year ago we photographed a wedding celebration of our friends in Doukanie winery tucked in  Virginia wine country, the best. Even though we got some rain we still felt super lucky to be there documenting this fun-lovin' Italian and Brazilian duo, Dario and Sabrina. The whole time I kept thinking about how outstanding everything was minus the weather. It had this relaxed and warm energy throughout the whole event; we felt the love. The ambience was filled with great food and wine, good music ( tons of hits from the 90s - YES!!) and lots of laughter. We were able to capture the beautiful vintage essence of their special day - check it out below


WE Want to Wish the Berini's an AWESOME OUT OF THIS WORLD CONGRATULATIONS on their 1st year Anniversary. We hope you both continue to have a great time with each other forever and ever! Much Love To you Amores