Couples Mindfully in LOVE!

Here are some of the people that made me truly love capturing small weddings. I’m talking about no less then 30 guests kind of weddings. There is something special about small nuptials that flies me to the moon and back. The couples are all So stress free, laid back, and truly living in the moment.

Special thanks to Dee who was there documenting these beautiful moments with me and for sticking by my side through all my shenanigans for the past 4 years now. Thank you my friend!

Laura and Michael

Nick and Samantha

Harlan and Mary

An Intimate Wedding: Katherine + Clayton


These gorgeous Navy soldiers got out of their uniforms and had a Romantic nuptial whimsical garden in old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It was just the two of them and the officiant performing the ceremony. And let me just tell you how dreamy it all was! My associate photographer Dee and I couldn't help but love every aspect of it all. No guests, no stress, just hugs and kisses under the sun! HOOAH!! Love Wins!


Lan + Sarisa Engagement & Wedding

Sarisa and Lan are a bright, effusive, happy couple who know how lucky they are to have found one another. The smiles on their faces during both their engagement session in Silver Spring, MD where they met while in High School to their whimsical fun wedding in Savage Mill, MD on that 90 degree April day brought everyone’s already-high spirits to another level, and everything just felt sublime.  It was magical. Check out the photos from their engagement and wedding below.

Maternity Portraits in the Garden: Keila + Toti

Baby Girl Zoe is coming to town; and lovely mommy Keila, who is also are Production Associate and cool soccer daddy Toti are celebrating through a stunning set ofmaternity portrait session with me here at one of their favorite place to talk a walk: Brookside Gardens.  What a lovely and unforgettable portrait session did we have. Their vibe are amazing and they always kill it with the threads they wear. #DreamSquad

Keila and Toti Much love from us to you and your growing family guys!! Can't wait to meet baby Zoe

A Celebration To Be Remembered

 You Give Marriage A Good Look

You Give Marriage A Good Look

A year ago we photographed a wedding celebration of our friends in Doukanie winery tucked in  Virginia wine country, the best. Even though we got some rain we still felt super lucky to be there documenting this fun-lovin' Italian and Brazilian duo, Dario and Sabrina. The whole time I kept thinking about how outstanding everything was minus the weather. It had this relaxed and warm energy throughout the whole event; we felt the love. The ambience was filled with great food and wine, good music ( tons of hits from the 90s - YES!!) and lots of laughter. We were able to capture the beautiful vintage essence of their special day - check it out below


WE Want to Wish the Berini's an AWESOME OUT OF THIS WORLD CONGRATULATIONS on their 1st year Anniversary. We hope you both continue to have a great time with each other forever and ever! Much Love To you Amores

Engaged: Jonny & Sarah

Sarah the stunning mom-to-be wasn't expecting an engagement surprise that boyfriend Jonny had up his sleeve. So before he swept her off to dine he suggested a walk before dinner at his favorite Monument. And as she glowed in shock disbelief amongst all the tourists, walking about taking photos of them while Jonny was on his knees, her answer was obviously, " YES!"

Congratulations to the charming duo - Jonny and Sarah...your future looks bright from over here. We can't wait to meet the little darling. Much love from us to y'all from the bottom of our beating hearts.

engagement-jonnyandsarah (158 of 180).jpg

What a Gorgeous Babyshower: Revealed

babyshower (1 of 147).jpg

Our really close friends the Brazilian hot mama, Pri, and the handsome Brit Gent, Phil, are expecting. They generously came all the way from Miami to do a family affair with us and the rest of their friends and family here in Maryland to share this journey with us and reveal the baby's gender at this spectacular baby shower. 

Congratulations you two! Much Love and Success to you and your growing family.