Come As You Are

The only way to untie ourselves from the feeling of self-loathing based by other people’s hang-ups about what a beautiful body is starts with being patient to do the work of unlearning the conditioning that our culture has given us about the ideal women’s body figure. We guide our muses to do so by opening up a dialogue that encourages self love. And with real questions to eliminate any passive aggression towards their body by bringing them to come at peace with themselves. Embrace your body fully through our boudoir or nude services and LOVE You As You Are. You have full anatomy over your body; Own It, Love it!

Our Boudoir Service is All I Ever Dreamed Of: Crafted With YOU In Mind

  • Free Over the Phone Consulting

  • Pick your location or Choose from our Affiliated Spaces

  • Bring a Friend for extra moral support if you wish

  • Champagne + Other Goodies

  • Multiple Wardrobe Changes within the session

  • Hair and Makeup Service by an all Female Team of Professionals

  • Photographer Coaching You Every step of the Way for the Best Poses

  • Natural Looking Retouched Images in Color and Black & White

  • Receive Photos within 24-48 hours via Secured Link to Gallery

  • Each Package has an awesome product shipping your way a few days after the session that you may customize!

Here's A Mood For You

You Are strong, Kind, Naturally Beautiful, Care-Free and So Much MORE!! Embrace Your Duality…It’s for You; No One Else!

What Fills You UP ? What’s Your Story? Write it down in your journal and get in touch with me. I would love to see your dreams come into fruition with the help of my camera so let me be your personal cheerleader like I was with Peyton (photos below)

Let GO and Live Alot!

I am happy to start this rejuvenating journey into nude photography again…it’s been almost a decade. And I'm so blessed to have Lu grace my camera on an early summer's morning at the creek. I learned through this process that letting go of fear is the best thing you can do for yourself. And letting go of whatever that doesn't serve your good nature is so ideal. So let's not be afraid of who we truly are and love ourselves fully because life is short and we should live it up! Get in touch with me if you are ready to live a little bit outside your comfort zone because you can be even more then who you think you are now. 


Body Lovin' Recap

So Much Amazing Energy at Our First Body Lovin' Portfolio Workshop last month!

Learning to Love through Intimate Portrait Photography


Thank you Candy Moralez!!

Thank You Dee Wong!!


Thank you Nisa Denis!!

And thanks to all who made this beautiful eye opening organic and transforming experience Possible::

Beyond Studios, Samara Weiss, Krystal Glen, Adrian Ledesma, Thamiris Nieves, and Nikon.

Your Body Loves You So Love It Back!

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You're Gonna Love Us For This

We strongly believe that you need to love yourself first so that everything else will fall into place and to promote this enlightening truth we are offering For a Limited Time our most popular service, the Boudoir, starting as low as only $350. This awesome service includes 30 + minutes of boudoir session at your home or at one of our favorite affiliated Lux Hotels and Spaces in DC and Baltimore area, wardrobe change, champagne and other refreshments, hair and makeup by women professional stylists plus a ton of stunning edited images in color and black and white. What are you waiting for ? Get in touch if you wanna have fun and celebrate YOU TODAY! It's a real beautiful experience that many are recommending (check out the reviews)

You Have Arrived


I love meeting people through my work. An immense thrill rushes over my body when I'm behind my lens and I see them trusting me through body language to capture their true self. With that trust I'm able to tap into all my knowledge, inspiration, compassion and strength and develop some stunning images. The overall experience from my vibe to my art resinates with these clients who I call my tribe. When they finally see the gallery they're not the only ones loving the moment because I'm also on the other side amazed and taken by the fact that I do this for a living. My passion captivates them. And for me as a female photographer there isn't a better way to show a women, transgender, gay or whatever they want or don't want to label themselves these days that they are WORTHY TO BE LOVED. And I hope to continue to do this work of love in all of my services from Boudoir to Portraiture and beyond. 


Here are some of my favorite photographs I've captured of my darling Joanna Cifredo who's an activist but also a Transgender Boriqua Queen. A Complete and Beautiful being in every way. Listen to her and her friend Rebecca Kling's podcast : Trans Specific Podcast

Boudoir Session at Home

Studio PRI recognizes that the idea of having photos taken of you in your underwear in an unfamiliar place can make even the bravest women a little hesitant. And our goal is to always give the safest place for our client to self - express. Their comfort is our top priority. So if she/he wants to do a boudoir session at home instead of the studio or hotel we gladly set up shop (studio) there! We are down for whatever that feels right. It's still an endless amount of fun. Believe me!

Check out gorgeous Jen! Also, special thanks to Thais Pereira for hair and makeup xoxo

this pose is my fave. it's called the ponytail. pretend you are putting your hair up while sticking your but to the side. This one lengthens abs and makes you look 10 pounds lighter, guaranteed. I would walk like this all day if I could but I'm weird.

this pose is my fave. it's called the ponytail. pretend you are putting your hair up while sticking your but to the side. This one lengthens abs and makes you look 10 pounds lighter, guaranteed. I would walk like this all day if I could but I'm weird.




Hey Beautiful People It's that time of year again ...  "STUDIO PRI BOUDOIR MARATHON TIME!!!"

I invite you today to love yourself unconditionally by doing you and living your life to the fullest this year! Join us this year at our 4th Annual Boudoir Marathon happening at are secret location in Washington DC on January 20th and 21st so that I may prove to you How STUNNING YOU REALLY ARE!

There are tons of Boudoir Marathon across the planet but I developed this special one of a kind service for my business not because I adore taking sexy intimate photos of others but because I really REALLY love empowering people through this photography experience. And being able to share all the things that I've experienced with you and have this passion transmit into literally glowing vibes in front of my lens is a true blessing.



Your Ticket Will Get You The Following :

  • Fun laid back Boudoir Photo Session with me, Priscilla de Lima Ledesma 

  • Get Glammed up by our best Professional Hair and Makeup Gurus

  • Unlimited wardrobe change within your Preferred time frame ( choose from 15, 30, 60 mins)

  • Good music & Drinkies such as mimosas, sangria and mocktinis to help you relax

  • secured link to 15+ downloadable edited images in color and black & white

  • An accordion booklet with 8 of your favorite images If You Purchase by January 12, 2018

  • plus a $20 coupon to order other merchandise from the session

    If all this sounds Amazing to you Give us a call or book online (( HERE )) and take advantage of this special offer of our mini boudoir photo session for 50% less then regular rate.

I guarantee I will get the best out of you every step of the way on this adventure together as your new sweet and sincere guiding friend with no judging eyes! 

 Looking forward to seeing your lovely faces January 20th or 21st. CHEERS TO YOU!!

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The BEST GIFT that Keeps On Giving

Come take advantage of this deal because starting January 1st the rates will increase so don't miss the chance in gifting you or that special someone the gift that keeps on gifting.  Book your Boudoir Session (( HERE )) and choose a date and time during January 20th and 21st! 

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Let us capture beautiful photos of you and your friends at this intimate yet fun setting!I feel that you need to hear this: I’m going to be honest, during your boudoir session no one is judging. No one notices all the the flaws you see. The only thing that me as your photographer and your glam squad see are what we are going to do to enhance every feature on the body and to make sure they get the optimal photos for your session. I will find your unique sense of beauty So for now do things to make you feel good, like go out dancing, take a walk, meditate, anything to make you feel yourself and let's do ART!! Also remember that You are beautiful. Don’t allow your insecurities to determine what you do in this life. Own them. Make them sexy, and flaunt it shamelessly. Let's work on this adventure together!

Book your Mini Boudoir Session during our Marathon (( HERE ))

Mini Boudoir sessions during January 20th and 21st at our secret location only to be disclosed inside your Welcome Pack after you purchased your session/ticket.


Keep Your Calendar Open for those special Dates!

One of My Favorite Things about Being Creative Is...

Experimenting with ideas; and making dreams come to life is what we should be about. Let's empower each other on a daily basis not just once a year!

Check out the lighting, filter and all together yummy layers on this beautiful babe Lilian my muse ... #gorgforlife

This shoot was inspired by Queen Bey herself, good vibes, early morning walks, sligo creek and childhood dreams of truly loving yourself!

Thank you Lilian for coming to play with us ....Love our short-n-sweet shoot at the creek.

Adore you! HUGE XOs!

STUDIO PRI Boudoir Marathon 2017

Our 3rd Annual Boudoir Marathon is happening this weekend in a private studio space in NW Washington DC only to be disclosed after you book your session.  We are providing for a fraction of the regular rate our services to you for a limited time. This offers runs for February 11 and 12 only. Be Naughty or Nice or both during your private Photo Session and from the reviews we have received being part of this marathon is all about getting that Self Confidence BOOST!
You will get pampered with hair and makeup to your liking and sip on some champagne and other refreshments. Not only will you be our Muse for the 20, 30 or 60 minutebut you willreceive loads of goodies from USB flashdrive with the edited images, secured link, 5x5 photo album, and $15 coupon to order prints.
This is an All Female Staff but All Genders, Shapes and Sizes are Welcome!

How you Ask?

  • Make an Appointment
  • Plan your Look
  • Have an amazing photoshoot
  • View and Download Images

AGAIN Your Package Includes:

  1. 20-60 minute photo shoot (depending on what you choose at checkout)
  2. hair and makeup
  3. secured link to edited images
  4. Wooden USB with edited Hi Res images
  5. 5x5 photo book of your favorite photos
  6. Coupon of $15 to order prints

Limited Availability. Come and Live Life to the Fullest!

My Soul Sister's Jacq's Boudoir

My darling friend Jacq wanted to celebrate her coming of age, and I was here for it. This fun little boudoir session took place while she was in town from Denver during her Ladies weekend get away at the Church Hill Hotel in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. and with the help of my sweet and talented cousin Thamiris as the makeup artist we created some stunning beautiful looks for Jacq to cherish! She Looked gorgeous and most importantly free. Check it out below

Be The Vixen of Your Dreams

Va-va-voom! Things are heating up here at our studio with this recent seductive boudoir shoot featuring the lovely "DMFK." She rocked a few different looks in this series, one of which is bound to catch your eye. Varying from country boots to Victorian-style corsets and laughing shots to intense gazes, the constant was the exuding sensuality the camera captured. This half-Brazilian half-American babe fell into character and made it all the more exciting to photograph in the bedroom. 

boudoirDMFK (91 of 99).jpg

Lover of Light

In the Spirit of Saint Patty's Day why not write about a wonderful shoot with our Delira and Excira darlin of Ireland ancestry, Ms. K! When we were asked to come over to this darlin's home to do her boudoir session per our studio's living social deal we were ecstatic to come in a place with beautiful lighting all around. That's what photographer's live for; the light and making use of it. And we couldn't help but recreate a certain abstract artsy 70s retro boudoir shoot with the available light all around her comfy sun-filled flat.  Light is largely responsible for creating the mood of the scene. At K's living room for example there was a plant between the windows that brought some dramatic lighting into play and we used it naturally to convey the look. She still remains the most dominant in the photo because of how we positioned her within the frame. Main focus, personal and interpretive, was met in a sensual way through the series of photos we shot within the hour.

boudoir (8 of 40).jpg

Thank you beautiful Miss K. Hope to do some more interpretive photos of you through abstract photography via boudoir photo session soon. If you want a boudoir session of your taste we would love to work with you. Shop (( HERE ))

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

Late Night Photo Sesh With My Friends

Don't you just love playing dress up. I know we really REALLY DO! Recently I had the pleasure of working with a college friend, the bestie Laura also our Brand Guru and a new friend, Hugo Salon's best kept secret, hair and makeup Genius Bethany... Let me tell you, JUST PURE BLISS! From everyone arriving on time with good vibes, great ideas, wine in our glasses, listening to the right music (The Delfonics, Toots & The Maytals)  the shoot was pretty on point with creative direction, as well as talents of course! I mean there were lots of goofing off but it was all VERY COOL! Thank you so much Bethany and Laura. Love Y'all!!!

behind the scenes

behind the scenes

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