Why I do the Work I do

After many years of struggling in school, following and pursueing trajectory thoughts and actions relating to social beauty concepts and self doubt - I had a break down. Yes, me a naturally happy go lucky girl boss. But many issues that I hadn’t dealt with through out the years made me feel like my validation was weak in root.

But by the grace of God I was blessed to have some good friends and family plant a seed in me. This seed blossomed beautiful truths but The most valuable Truth that I will share with you today is that the ultimate thing you can do for yourself is to find self-love within yourself and commit to things that nurtures you in real ways.

My daily routine changed from waking up and going straight to my computer or phone to waking up slowly and taking long breaths, practicing yoga and saying many affirmations to myself in the bathroom mirror. And yes It was super awkward in the beginning talking to myself and saying “I love You” looking in the mirror while both my hands covered my heart but it transformed me little by little to be more free.

Now I am anxiety free most days, no longer producing just to produce, giving presence and love to causes as well as the people I care for . Because of this knowledge this gift I’m finally able to truly live my best life with no regrets. This feeling is so freaking good that I want to share it with the world and help others heal through images of self love and self care right now. This is my beautiful truth!

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