You Have Arrived


I love meeting people through my work. An immense thrill rushes over my body when I'm behind my lens and I see them trusting me through body language to capture their true self. With that trust I'm able to tap into all my knowledge, inspiration, compassion and strength and develop some stunning images. The overall experience from my vibe to my art resinates with these clients who I call my tribe. When they finally see the gallery they're not the only ones loving the moment because I'm also on the other side amazed and taken by the fact that I do this for a living. My passion captivates them. And for me as a female photographer there isn't a better way to show a women, transgender, gay or whatever they want or don't want to label themselves these days that they are WORTHY TO BE LOVED. And I hope to continue to do this work of love in all of my services from Boudoir to Portraiture and beyond. 


Here are some of my favorite photographs I've captured of my darling Joanna Cifredo who's an activist but also a Transgender Boriqua Queen. A Complete and Beautiful being in every way. Listen to her and her friend Rebecca Kling's podcast : Trans Specific Podcast