Jenny and Jeffrey: A Wedding Story

Jenny, and Jeffrey were the kindest and generous group of clients that we had the pleasure of working with early this year. And don't they look gorgeous!! Our squad was there to make everyone look their best; from Pedro Carvalho on Video, Dee Wong as second shooter, Priscilla Ledesma as director and shooter and Thais Pereira doing makeup and hair and  making the bride feel like a true star. It was perfectly natural and very well put together with smiles all around that you couldn't help but be contagiously in love with the whole endearing extravaganza. What buenissimo time we had capturing a mixture of Mexican, American and Puerto-Rican culture  and joining in this celebration of love.  We couldn't we ask for more.

Check this beautiful intimate wedding below 

Salud Jenny and Jeffrey... Here's to many years of love and happiness