Transformer Gallery's 2nd Collector's View: Westcoast Lovin'

Transformer Gallery had a recent Collector's View at Marnie and Howard Owens' home in Georgetown DC. And it was so rad to experience their breezy town home filled with their Californian influences with the other washingtonians. It was very refreshing to see in the midst of such a stuffy and too proper of a  town their lies a home with this lovable and adorable family. Their home was decorated with vivacious and brightly innovating photography artwork, cultural trinkets and rustic simple treasures along with their kids school artwork exposed throughout the home.. The family of Californians kept it real and showed us around the first floor of their awesome east coast abode. I love that they allow their kids to influence their choice in the work that is collected. I believe I wasn't the only one coming out of their home excited about edgy photo base artists such as Alex Prager, Malick Sadibé, Tierney Gearon, Sam Falls, and Massimo Vitali.