Photo101: Tips For Better Photos of The People You Love

Written by Priscilla

I'm a mentor in creative arts and I constantly love to learn and grow with my peers, subjects (models, clients) and students in our visionary adventures. As a photographer I believe taking a photo of the person that you love and admire is important but as an artist it's also ideal to convey how you feel by  portraying a glimpse into their soul through imagery. So it's only natural for me to share a few tips on snapping photos of your loved ones that are both personable and enduring, even if it's with your phone or tablet, Check out the picture below shot with my phone. It's a photo of my favorite person in the world, my son Rocco Valentino. He is the most expressive and passionate little adorable creature but he can't stand taking pictures, it's normal he's 2 in a half and an active boy that wants to do his own thing. I set the tone to get the real him while playing his favorite game, peek-a-boo. A success, right?!?!!!!!

Peek-A-Boo I See You

Peek-A-Boo I See You

So here's my 2 cents on taking cool pix of the peeps you love:

First Tip, Have Fun! Yes Relax and let them be themselves, don't force them to express themselves or be in an environment that they aren't comfortable with. Like don't say, " Say Cheese". or don't take photos in a library if they aren't having a good time.... No No.

Second advice would be to get up all in their face without being intrusive of course  and focus on the window's to their soul, yep their eyes. Unless you are trying to be artsy and such focusing on the eyes may really amaze you, especially if you shoot real close.

And finally my last  tip would be to think about lighting and picking a good position for that lighting to be effective in the photos. The key to an awesome shot is good lighting and direction. Please don't put the people you love under direct sunlight, that will create harsh shadows like dark circles on eyes, under nose and etc. Shoot under some Shade with light coming from the background or on the sides....You're Gonna Love it!