Fashion Collabo

A Collaboration with Shop Cool Pix and Studio P. crew is always a darlin of a good time. I so Can't wait for the next one!

It's been freezing for what feels like forevaaaahhh up in the Northeastern Hemisphere but this chill and nothing couldn't stop us. So we  Worked Werked and Twerked through the avalanche to get it done, and voila it's DONZO! check out the rest of this dope photo look-book series at Shop Cool Pix (( CLICK HERE)) 

cookinglunchwithrocco (4 of 65).jpg
cookinglunchwithrocco (65 of 65).jpg

and of course Special Thanks to, Bruna Ladeira for creative directing it with me, Jaqcueline stepped up as main photographer for the series and my boo boos Bryan and Sharnelle rocked the focal point out. Thank you for real!

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