Sun Shining Day

I got to chill with my grade school people, Andrew and KT, near our old school, John Nevins Andrews in Takoma Park at one of my favorite spots in Sligo Creek. It was so much fun talking with their adorable little peanut and the fun loving grandparents, and I really can't wait to photograph them again. The sun came out and These pecious bunch of folks with non stop great humor and smiles on a chilly fall day made my day. Also made me think of how blessed I felt for being  their photographer; I've known them so long since I only had a single digit to my age. Nostalgia, Yes. So to be able to capture their love for each other in another level that's tangible and memorable means the world to me. I'm grateful for their friendly vibe as well as their appreciation towards me. So Cheers to these awesome human examples of great friends who are also great clients.  #soblessed

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