Music as Therapy

You probably can relate to how music can be an amazing source of pleasure and entertainment. The best ideas come when we listen to a mix of tunes that stir something while creating art. Life is short so try it out and go and start creating something with music playing in the background. Do anything from doodling in your notebook to cooking something new to even being our muse !!

When we do our shoots we find that the music is a huge part of the whole experience. It is like prayer and meditation; it heals. And as a music mentor, Priscilla the photographer really embraces this ancient belief by finding the personal music that calls to each of her clients and making a playlist for the photo session. We find that music reduces any nervous jitters that our client may have during the session. “Acknowledging our mood swings and honoring their reality with music to accompany the experience is soulcraft”— Sarah Ban Breathnatch

Bit by bit create a personal batch of sweet sounding music to help you chill out, gather your thinking, feel inspired and stand in your power…. It’s that simple. Tell me how you feel afterwards cool? cool!


Here Doing All the Things....

I’m gonna start by saying Thank you thank you THANK YOU so much for believing and trusting us to do our photo and video work with love DC peeps. It’s so mind blowing that we are no longer doing the wedding photography but very grateful we did because it opened some doors. Now I’m humble to say that we are officially creating intimate portraits in a sincere way to uplift YOU GIRL. And Educating eachother in how to embrace ourselves through creative and natural ways has been more then a blessing to me and we are ecstatic to be expanding our adventure by extending our studio services all over the nation. So Sis, if you are based in LA, MIA, NYC, Toronto and beyond and Can’t get to DC to shoot with STUDIO PRI, it’s all good now, we GOT YOU, because we can go to you now! Pretty cool and convenient right?? We would love to meet you so please come and Learn more by getting in touch for a free consultation. Cool? Cool!!



Heaven On Earth

Heaven on earth is always what we are aiming for with all the things we do! While at work or at play we openly savor the simple things in life and we invite you to do the same. We were created to enjoy life and Know that there is more to this world then we will ever understand so look ahead and dream and take us with you; we love an adventure. Whether with us or without we hope you have a blast this summer and dig in the warm weather, wet and witty activities and have good friends around you vibrating high!

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Happy Summer Solstice! Let’s Celebrate!

Free Yourself

You don’t need any previous model experience for none of our services but Let me tell you about our Nude Photo services girl! It’s one to be reckoned with and it’s a favorite here for a few reasons.

First it’s all about being yourself…your natural self! We recommend no makeup or just natural makeup to enhance your true essence.

Also, most of our nude photography work are done outdoors or indoors but with botanicals on set. We feel at home with mama nature; she doesn’t limit us only inspires us.

Lastly, the energy is so sincere through a flow of elements based in love; from meditating to simple conversations and coming at peace with our relationship with our body.

Far too long we have endured the crude pain of pleasing others in this capitalism and misogyny world and I’m tired of hearing that we don’t measure up because of our scars, our weight, the color of our skin, our sexual orientation, our disability, our fear, and the list goes on….

This is a breath of fresh air away from the male gaze. The focus of this work is to stop judging ourselves completely on the way we look. We should be PROUD OF WHO WE ARE and accept our reality ; we are BEAUTIFUL just the way we are.

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Book a Free Consultation Regarding Our Nude Photo & Video Services Below!

Be Brave, Not Perfect!

We feel so shameful about the things that happen to us at times and admitting our vulnerability can be the hardest thing for us so we go hard and we don’t share. But what good does this do for our well being and for who’s to come after us ? If you have gone through something and you have the capacity to share your pain and struggle and how you are overcoming it why not do so with our help? Let go and Let us In! We’ll hold your hand every step of the way and let you express freely encouraging you to heal, to love and set yourself free.


Happy Women's Month

We Got Something Special For You! -- Extended thru Spring!

Boudoir or Nude Portrait Mini Session

A 20 minutes of boudoir/nude portrait photography session at the Line Hotel In Washington DC with complimentary refreshments and 2 outfit changes.

Included are 15+ Edited DIGITAL IMAGES via secured gallery download.

Schedule your shoot between Now to May 22nd 2019.

We’ll be on hand to help you with outfit choices, hair and makeup ideas, styling, and posing assistance.

Additional products may be ordered later via secured link to Pixieset Gallery.

boudoir photography service washington dc

Our Jam: Head-shots

Hey Girl Boss, Need Head-shots? Wanna Try Something New that helps you attract the right people to you or your brand? We Are Here for You!!

We are so excited to announce our new series of headshot services via the mini session. All you need to do is get in touch and chat a little with us. We will go through a questionnaire with you that guides us in providing you with the best service and set up your very cool yet laid-back session. During the set-up you may choose date and time of your session as well as your preferred location of where this amazing experience will take place and if you need help in finding a location or want to reserve studio space WE GOT AN AWESOME LIST FOR YOU. After you book your session we will send you a welcome-kit with all the important info to help you prep for your photo shoot. Once the photo-shoot day arrives we will be ready to have a good time and take some stunning photos of you! 24-48 hours after the session you will receive a secured link to your gallery where more magic happens. Cool right ?!?!?!? Trust that the mini session is for a limited time only so hit us up today!

special thanks to Bee and the incredible staff @ the Wing Georgetown DC

Come As You Are

The only way to untie ourselves from the feeling of self-loathing based by other people’s hang-ups about what a beautiful body is starts with being patient to do the work of unlearning the conditioning that our culture has given us about the ideal women’s body figure. We guide our muses to do so by opening up a dialogue that encourages self love. And with real questions to eliminate any passive aggression towards their body by bringing them to come at peace with themselves. Embrace your body fully through our boudoir or nude services and LOVE You As You Are. You have full anatomy over your body; Own It, Love it!

Our Boudoir Service is All I Ever Dreamed Of: Crafted With YOU In Mind

  • Free Over the Phone Consulting

  • Pick your location or Choose from our Affiliated Spaces

  • Bring a Friend for extra moral support if you wish

  • Champagne + Other Goodies

  • Multiple Wardrobe Changes within the session

  • Hair and Makeup Service by an all Female Team of Professionals

  • Photographer Coaching You Every step of the Way for the Best Poses

  • Natural Looking Retouched Images in Color and Black & White

  • Receive Photos within 24-48 hours via Secured Link to Gallery

  • Each Package has an awesome product shipping your way a few days after the session that you may customize!

Tap Into Your Creativity

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Our greatest battle is to become ourselves while others may push against us becoming who we truly are. There’s a lot of resistance to be fully present when working on something you love. I find that the best thing to do is to pray or meditate; this will help you get into the zone of creating something new whether it’s within writing, modeling, photography. Inspiration will come but it actually starts with our humbleness taking the space of our ego. In order to combat the fear to create You have to realize that you come from a higher source and in order to do what you love or what you were meant to do you will need to surrender and be humble. Like TD Jakes said “ We were created by our creator to be creative.” Once you rise to the level of losing yourself in yourself with good habits to create a flow of work you will feel connected to your source and do great things for people all over. Such as Steven Pressfield said, “… the difference between a Pro and an Amateur is that the Amateur plays for fun but the Pro plays for keeps. Let’s make the switch and change our habits to manifest into more creative and present beings and commit full time to our gifts and talents. So Stop thinking about you and being materialistic and instead think of all of us as united and offer your art as a gift!

Let's Go Through Something Together

Happy 2019…WOOHOO!!!

Let’s start strategizing our new year right. What is One Thing that you are grateful to go through last year and one thing that you want to Accomplish this year? For me the One thing I’m grateful for is the blessings and the trials that last year gifted me because that led me to continue to strive for my passion that lies in compassion towards others. My wish this year is that we may all continue to love ourselves and give space to ourselves so that we can do better in the world we live in no matter our shape, color, creed, etc!

So Let’s continue to Be different and show LOVE to our bodies!

This year is another chance for you to join me in doing just that in a few opportunities towards self-care and self-love; from our Annual Boudoir Marathon happening at the end of the month both in DC and in Baltimore as well as our Body Lovin’ Workshops happening in the spring. Join me in living our best life this year. I want to continue to fight for our freedom to love, to be in control and live a happy life and I promise to you that you will get an incredible value for your investment on yourself when you book STUDIO PRI for any occasion.

Be a Descent Human Being

Keeping an Open mind always made sense to me because I always saw potential in people and situations that felt foreign; from making new friends thriving in whatever they were up to to trying out a new adventure in a strange land. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m an immigrant women but Whatever the final case may be I learned more about me and others and compassion played a huge role in it all. I’m here to say that I hope we may all go forth in the new year with open hearts to do better and connect with good people and do good things. Let’s continue to educate each other by sharing our stories, ideas and hopes for a better tomorrow. Yes this may seem like a simple plan but why don’t we start somewhere all over again and what better way then with being a descent human being. Who’s with me?

photos of my first nude series shot in San Francisco of some awesome artist friends circa 2004

photos of my first nude series shot in San Francisco of some awesome artist friends circa 2004

Here's A Mood For You

You Are strong, Kind, Naturally Beautiful, Care-Free and So Much MORE!! Embrace Your Duality…It’s for You; No One Else!

What Fills You UP ? What’s Your Story? Write it down in your journal and get in touch with me. I would love to see your dreams come into fruition with the help of my camera so let me be your personal cheerleader like I was with Peyton (photos below)

Content Branding Portraits: On the Job Lifestyle Photos

Meet Dora from Live Work Learn who came to me with an open heart wanting to freshen up her web and social media content with more of her authentic self. We strategized a plan, did the work with ease and our darlin’ muse was able to concur her photo dreams stress free!

You Can do it too! We create lifestyle photo and video for businesses and we would love to help a Girl Boss in need of some authentic and fresh images. What are you waiting for ? Get in touch with us today to learn about our commissioned work so that we may give you the best quote for your needs. And you definitely want to work wit h us: a studio who is mindful of who you are and what you want your brand to convey!!

Body Positive Photoshoot is Life Changing

Yes Women It’s True to Love yourself is to move mountains and what an amazing act of love it is when you gift yourself with a photoshoot like Maricela from The Twins PR did for herself a few months ago before she got pregnant with her baby. And what a gift it was for us to work on something so uplifting and more then special with her before she started her journey into motherhood.

Take a glimpse below of the shoot that we did at Beyond Studios with this fun Cali girl; and if you like what you see don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Why I do the Work I do

After many years of struggling in lIFE’s Social Concepts, following trajectory thoughts and actions relating to self doubt - I had a break down. Yes, me a naturally happy go lucky girl Getter. But many issues that I hadn’t dealt with from my past made me feel like my validation was weak in root.

But by the grace of God I was blessed to have some good friends and family plant a seed in me. This seed blossomed beautiful truths but The most valuable Truth that I will share with you today is that the ultimate thing you can do for yourself is to find self-love within yourself and commit to things that nurtures you in real ways.

My daily routine changed from waking up and going straight to my computer or phone to waking up slowly and taking long breaths, kissing and hugging my family, singing aloud, practicing in being present and saying many affirmations to myself in the bathroom mirror. And yes It was super awkward in the beginning talking to myself and saying “I love You” looking into mine own eyes while both my hands covered my heart but it transformed me little by little to be more free and more in love with me and my surroundings.

studio pri (7 of 11).jpg

Now I am free of bad vibes most days, no longer producing just to produce, giving presence and love to causes and people I care for & I’m grateful that Because of this wisdom which I know is a gift from my divine source I’m finally able to truly live my best life by being me with no regrets. This feeling is so freaking Amazing that I want to share it with the world and help others heal in a safe space that uplifts and promotes self care. This is my chosen path, my work, my beautiful truth!

Let GO and Live Alot!

I am happy to start this rejuvenating journey into nude photography again…it’s been almost a decade. And I'm so blessed to have Lu grace my camera on an early summer's morning at the creek. I learned through this process that letting go of fear is the best thing you can do for yourself. And letting go of whatever that doesn't serve your good nature is so ideal. So let's not be afraid of who we truly are and love ourselves fully because life is short and we should live it up! Get in touch with me if you are ready to live a little bit outside your comfort zone because you can be even more then who you think you are now. 


Nude Photography Service : Dare To Bare

Hey Girl, Are you looking for an exciting and positive nude photography experience for your own personal fulfillment, or grant that special wish to your partner or compose images for a commercial project? We got you !!

Starting August 1st We are offering a unique nude photo service revealing nudity in any desired way for who ever dares to bare. We got tons of fun locations to choose from as well as props so come and join this out of this world self discovery journey. 

These amazing photos of our friend Samara was taken at a sun flower field to promote this new nude photo service!

Body Lovin' Recap

So Much Amazing Energy at Our First Body Lovin' Portfolio Workshop last month!

Learning to Love through Intimate Portrait Photography


Thank you Candy Moralez!!

Thank You Dee Wong!!


Thank you Nisa Denis!!

And thanks to all who made this beautiful eye opening organic and transforming experience Possible::

Beyond Studios, Samara Weiss, Krystal Glen, Adrian Ledesma, Thamiris Nieves, and Nikon.

Body Lovin' Photography Portfolio Workshop

Make Beautiful Intimate Images Of Diverse Body Types

studiopri-me-bw (2 of 2).jpg

Studio Pri founder Priscilla will be teaching a steaming hot & mindful photo workshop with a holistic twist for women and femme  photographers based in body positivity boudoir and nude photography Because right now more then ever we need to know that every body is Beautiful and should be Seen, Accepted and Glorified. She will guide you in how to create Images for your Portfolio book in book format and virtual from lighting and posing alternative techniques, and how to engage with authentic people with a variety of different background and body types. Makeup artist will be provided and so much more so get on board this June 2nd at Beyond Studios DC from 9:30am-2:30pm.

All you need for this empowering portfolio building workshop is a DSLR camera and a love for photography, learning and people!

This unbelievable Class includes a series of live shoots, studio space, makeup artist, syllabus, models of all shapes and sizes, model releases so that you may use images for your portfolio plus Q&A’s with lunch on us.

We look forward in seeing you at this awesome boudoir photography portfolio building event!-PRI

Lesson Plan

A) Intro to Workshop
* checking in
* meditation and moment of devotion & affirmation
* short recap History of Bodies in the Arts & Media* chat about alternative beauty and how all bodies are beautiful
B) Lighting
* Talk Camera Settings (DSLR) but you may bring Film if you like
* Natural lighting
*Strobe & Flash
* Lens set up
C) Posing
*how to work with your clients/models
*flow from pose to pose
*storyboard (how to narrate through imagery)
* How I coach to get best shots
D) Branding/Style/Concept
*learn to create a look that defines you
*How to style a model and set
*how to best showcase your work
E) Lunch on us with Q&A's

F) Photoshop and Lightroom Editing using 5-10 images

G) Boudoir Certificate after completing slideshow with edited images